Dance Etcetera

2606 Old Bay Springs Road

Laurel, MS 39440



Class Schedule

4:30 Tap Dance IV (3rd grade - 4th grade)

5:00 Jazz/Hip Hop Dance IV

5:30 Ballet IV

6:00 Advanced Ballet V (placement by instructor

7:00 Intermediate Ballet Dance V

Dance Etcetera’s children’s program focuses on teaching young children the joy of dancing.  Children will learn fundamental dance technique, rhythm, coordination, and discipline in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

Respect mutually among our faculty and parents of the dancers, provides the children with the ultimate care and dance education. Your constant support and commitment makes a great difference in your child's success.

If any concerns arise please let us know immediately!



We want for all of our students to have fun while learning and have the best experience possible.


5:30 Adv. Tap VI (5th Grade & up)

6:00 Intermediate Jazz/Hip Hop

7:00 Advanced Jazz/Hip Hop VI

4:30-5:15 Combo Dance I (age 3)

5:15-6:00 Boogie Babies (age 2)

6:00-7:00 Combo Dance III (1st – 2nd grade)

4:00-5:00 Combo Dance II (age 4 & K5)                                        

5:00-6:00 Gymnastics (ages 6 – Teen)                                          

4:15-5:15 Combo Dance III (1st – 2nd grade)

5:15-6:00 Combo Dance I Dance (age 3)

6:00-7:00 Combo Dance II (age 4 & K5)

Class Descriptions

Boogie Babies – (45 Minutes) Age 2

Boogie Babies introduces your toddler to the independence of a dance class as parents participate and observe.  Basic dance steps and coordination are developed through use of creative props.  Your child will gain skill in following direction, working and performing in a group, as well as discovering self expression by blending dance, music, storytelling, and creative movement.  


Combo Dance I – (45 Minutes) Age 3

This class is an advanced step from Boogie Babies.  In this unique class, students will enhance balance and poise as well as hand/feet coordination through basic ballet skills.  This class builds self-confidence and an appreciation for dance, while encouraging children to express themselves through movement and music.  There is emphasis on props and creative play, basic motor skills, music appreciation, jumping, leaping, stretching, and fun energetic music.    


Combo Dance II – (1 Hour) Age K4 & K5

This combination class teaches the fundamentals of pre-ballet, tap and creative movement.  We continue to explore movement, balance, jumping, leaping, stretching, props use, music, and rhythm. Your child will also develop an awareness of body discipline.  Emphasis is placed on developing a positive self-esteem as your child enters one of their earliest classroom conditions.


Combo Dance III – (1 Hour) 1st grade & 2nd grade

This combination class continues the fundamentals of pre-ballet, tap, and an introduction to jazz/hip hop.  Part one of this class will emphasize basic ballet technique such as positions of the arms and feet, motor skills, music appreciation, balancing, spotting, turning, jumping, leaping, stretching, and strength through basic ballet movements.  Part two will continue to explore tap techniques, and introduce basic jazz/fun hip hop dancing.


Combo Dance IV – (1 1/2 Hours) 3rd grade & 4th grade

At this level, the students will expand their knowledge of steps and exercises as they become more complex.  There is less repetition in the framework of the steps and tempos increase.  Reinforcement of proper technique and body placement is continued.  This combination class will place emphasis on proper ballet placement of arms, hands, feet, legs, body, ballet barre and across-the-floor movements. We will introduce basic time steps to our tap technique an advance to a higher level of jazz/hip hop choreography. (must have dance experience 3rd-4th grade)

Our intermediate and advanced programs pave the way for future dance training.  Intermediate level classes move slowly and focus on posture and placement while upper level classes instruct the student how to leap and turn.  Energetic, technical combinations are a part of the classes.


Pre-teen/teens will be encouraged throughout the program and will be instilled with high self-esteem and become confident, disciplined, technical dancers.  All students are required to take ballet.  There will be no exceptions; ballet technique is the root to all other forms of dance.  Without ballet technique students cannot complete the necessary skills for the other dance classes.  Placement will be determined by the instructors.


Intermediate Ballet – (1 Hour) 5th grade & up

Ballet is the foundation to all dance forms.  Its meticulous attention to technical detail is paramount for any dancer.  Intermediate ballet will consist of work at the ballet barre, center work, across-the-floor movement (drilled weekly) and ballet terminology.   Must have dance experience to qualify for this class.



Advanced Ballet – (1 Hour) 5th grade & up

These classes assume a student’s ability to correctly execute material learned in Intermediate Ballet, working for speed and complexity as well as proper technique.  This class is more difficult, requiring both technical ability and strength.  Focus is on ballet barre work for turn out, center floor work for body placement and balance, across the floor and combination work for jumps and larger movement skills.  We also offer pointe for our more advanced students; this will be determined by the instructors.  Must have dance experience to qualify for this class.


Intermediate Jazz/Hip Hop – (1 Hour) 5th grade & up

Jazz/hip hop are uniquely American art forms.  A variety of styles will be taught from primitive to classic Jazz styles through the contemporary steps of today.  These styles are influenced by the musical sounds of the current decade.  We emphasize the technical aspects such as turns, body placement, jumps, and posture through a wider expression of movement.  This class will also offer limbering, stretching, across the floor exercises, and combinations to different types of music.  Must have dance experience to qualify for this class.


Advanced Jazz/Hip Hop – (1 Hour) 5th grade & up

These classes assume a student’s ability to correctly execute material learned in Intermediate Jazz/Hip Hop, working for speed and complexity as well as proper technique.  Emphasis will be placed on proper placement of arms, hands, feet, legs, body, technique, and intermediate/advanced level steps in choreography. Jazz technique will include more advanced jumps, leaps, turns, and across the floor movements.  Different styles such as Character and Street will be introduced in our hip hop part of these classes.  Must have dance experience to qualify for this class.


Intermediate and Advanced Tap – (1 Hour) 5th grade & up

Tap technique is taught through a mastering of rhythm and sound with your feet to the music and is a fun way to exercise.  In class we will explore a higher level of the standard time steps, clogs, soft-shoe styles, tap terminology, and rhythms through the more complicated steps.   We will also study musical tap styles of swing, character, musical theatre, and stomp styles.  More emphasis will be placed on basic rhythms, patterns, introduce intermediate turns, jumps, and tricks.  Must have dance experience to qualify for this class.


Pointe Class - By invitation only by instructor (1 Hour)

This advanced ballet class incorporates both soft shoe as well as training en pointe.  Your instructor will inform you when you have reached the level in your training that will allow you to begin training "sur la pointe". This means on the points; the raising of the body to the tips of the toes.  This was first introduced in the late 1820's at the time of Taglioni. Students will begin class in regular ballet slippers and will transition into pointe shoes, once the instructor has determined her to be strong enough as well as meeting all the criteria necessary to continue training toward the goal of dancing en pointe.  This class is for the more serious dancer and requires the attendance in an additional ballet class during the week.  










Intermediate and Advanced



Gymnastics – (1 Hour) Gym class is for ages 3 and up!

We work with each student on their level of gymnastics.  Classes focus on basic skills and help develop balance, flexibility, and coordination. We are committed to providing a safe and challenging program that rewards students with improved strength, coordination, self-confidence and physical fitness. Our gymnastics classes provide progressive instruction and encourage the student to meet or exceed expectations based upon ability and time commitment.


Welcome to the Stage: Encore Performing Arts Theatre

In 2009, a group of educated, talented and “arts minded” people spent months collaborating on the birth of a new Performing Arts Theatre for the Pine Belt, and thus came to fruition Encore Performing Arts Theatre.   Dance Etcetera, a company that had been in the Pine Belt for 5 years, took EPAT on as its community project giving the theatre life thru its students, donations and home.   As we enter the 8th season, Encore is a successful community theatre with many volunteers and members.   All revenue collected in conjunction with shows or fundraisers is put DIRECTLY back into the shows.  There is no paid staff; simply volunteers working together to provide opportunities for children and adults to develop their talents in theatre arts and provide the community with enriching theatrical experiences.  Encore’s goal is to inspire, challenge, educate, and empower artists and audiences alike in order to make the Pine Belt a more conscious and compassionate community. By providing quality entertainment through our theatrical productions, we showcase local talent and bring an enjoyable theatrical experience to our community while honoring the contributions of our patrons, supporters, and staff.  We hope the Pine Belt sees Encore not as just another production group, but instead as a vehicle for families and individuals alike to embrace the stage, broaden their horizons as well as learn and have fun.”  

5:00-6:00 Gymnastics (Age 3-5)

5:30-6:30 Pointe Class

(By invitation only by instructor)