Dance Etcetera

2606 Old Bay Springs Road

Laurel, MS 39440


Registration day for our 2019-20 Dance Season is

July 19th or August 2nd at the studio at 4PM-7PM

Call us today to secure your spot.

Dance Etcetera Studio – Come Dance With Us!!

It is Dance Etcetera's mission to educate, empower and enrich every student that enters our door while instilling an appreciation for all genres of music and dance in a fun an enjoyable atmosphere.    


Dance Etcetera offers classes in traditional ballet, tap, jazz, and more to everyone age 2 – young adult.

Dance lets you stretch, kick, tap, and move! And is also teaches self-awareness, coordination, balance, and timing. It teaches self-confidence and how to be comfortable with one’s own body. Dance teaches focus, determination, and courage. It teaches us how to learn, improves our memory, and naturally brings about a sense of accomplishment. Dance encourages camaraderie among team members, promotes healthy competition, and fosters friendships. And it’s just FUN!!

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Never Miss a Chance to Dance!!

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