Dance Etcetera

2606 Old Bay Springs Road

Laurel, MS 39440



Rules to stick by

We want to provide your child with a safe and positive atmosphere to learn. Read and review our rules with your child!


- Be respectful and attentive to the teacher. Disruptions will not be tolerated in the class room. Any child who is disruptive will be asked to observe the class until they are ready to go by the rule and then they will be able to observe the class until the end of classes.

3 - 6 years olds must leave their dance bags in the lobby with their parents/guardian. Make sure to put names in all shoes and bags.


- Please don't climb on any equipment, furniture, benches, etc. or any part of the studio.    

Respect mutually among our faculty and parents of the dancers, provides the children with the ultimate care and dance education. Your constant support and commitment makes a great difference in your child's success.

If any concerns arise please let us know immediately!



- Dancers can only leave the room during class if they have permission. Ask the teacher for permission to leave the room everytime.


- Parents are not allowed in the classroom unless it is approved by staff. Please don't come into the dance room at the end of class time to get your child. When class is done, we will send all students to the lobby to meet you. However, a parent can come into the room if their child is a Boogie Bear (age 2)


- Come in quietly if you're late!


- Go to the bathroom before class starts.


- Follow the dress code for your class and makes sure you have all your shoes before you arrive at the studio.


Unless instructed by the teacher, no running in the studio. No touching the mirrors.


- Horseplay is definitely not allowed in the lobby or open studio space.


- Anyone who intentionally defaces studio property will be taken from the studio. If it is a student, they will no longer be allowed to continue classes. Whether it's writing on walls to carving wood, the behavior of any kind won't be tolerated.


- Parents, don't leave other children unattended in the lobby while class is in session.


- Dancer's won't be allowed to wait outside for pickup come inside the studio to pick up your child. It's for their safety. All children need assistance to cross the parking lot safely.


- PARKING LOT DIRECTIONS: The left side has a few spaces, but please do not drive out in the driveway next door.  The owner has asked us not to dive or park on his drive way to the left of the studio.  The Right side of the building (the big grass area) is where parents that are going to wait in the Lobby or staying to dance with their students. There is a door for entrance on that side of the building. You can also drop off in the front of the building and loop through left to the right in the front of the building.  Please do not park in the front of the building.


- Don't drop off your children any earlier than 10 minutes before class starts.


- Informs yourself & follow all Dance Etcetera's policies.

We want for all of our students to have fun while learning and have the best experience possible.

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