Dance Etcetera

2606 Old Bay Springs Road

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Dance Protocol

  • Leotards, tights, dance skirts, tutus, tight dance shirts, jazz pants, or jazz shorts must be worn for dance classes. Baggy t-shirts and sports shorts are not acceptable.

  • Hair needs to be out of the face. Please pull hair up and out of face.

  • No gum, food, candy or soda allowed in the dance rooms or lobby.

  • Smoking is prohibited on the premises.

  • Dancers are expected to be attentive and respectful while in class. Disruptive behavior is not allowed. Any child who kicks, punches, bites, spits upon, or hits another child will be ejected from class. These types of behavior will not be tolerated. Any child making mild disturbances, such as excessive talking, not participating, or failing to listen, will be asked to observe (at the teachers discretion).  Please see studio rules.

  • All students bring your dance bags into the classroom and put them up against the wall. We are not responsible for lost items. Please make sure you have names in all dance shoes and bags. Please do not wear dance shoes outside.

  • Parents/visitors are not permitted in the classroom while classes are in progress, unless approved by staff. Dance I through Advanced dance class parents will be invited to observe classes several times throughout the year.  Boogie Babies class and Preschool dance class parents are allowed to come into the classroom.

  • Attendance is necessary to achieve technical and performance skills.

  • Students may not be dropped off more than 10 minutes before scheduled class time.

  • Parents are asked to come inside the studio to pick up your child, as we do not allow students to wait outside. This is for your student’s safety.

  • Parents please check the bulletin board in the lobby for special events, announcements, and other pertinent information weekly. It is the responsibility of the parents to stay informed by checking the bulletin board frequently and reading any handouts that are on the table in the kitchen or sent to you by email.

  • Parking lot directions: Do not park in the driveway going out the left side of the studio; parents need to circle around to drive out.  Also our neighbor has asked for anyone coming to the studio, not to park in their driveway to the left of the studio where all the pine trees are.  There are a few parking places available on the left side, but the right side of the studio has a lot more land to park on.  Please park in an orderly manner, do not block others from getting in or out of the studio at any time.

Payment Policy

  • A non-refundable registration fee of $20 is due with each registration form.

  • All payments are non-refundable. This includes monthly, recital, and costume fees.

  • Payments are due by the 10th of each month. A $10 late fee applies to any payments not received on time.

  • Full tuition is required each month August thru May, regardless of the number of classes missed or absences. Fees are assessed for the entire term, and are broken into monthly payments. Tuition is an annual fee. For your convenience, tuition is calculated to be paid in monthly installments. There is a returned check fee of $20, and we reserve the right to accept future payments in cash only. When paying by check, please include the dancer’s name on the check. Accounts must be paid in full for students to participate in class/functions. A student will be dropped if an account goes 30 days in arrears.

  • There is no tuition credit given for missed classes. It is the responsibility of the student to make-up any missed classes in a similar class.

  • It is not only courteous, but important; to inform us if a child is discontinuing classes.  

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Spring Recital:

Students will present an end of the year performance. Each participating child will be required to purchase costumes for the show and pay a recital fee. A costume deposit is due in November, with the balance due in December (all costs on costumes will be in the October monthly announcements). Costume deposits are non-refundable, and costumes will not be ordered for your child without the fees being paid in full. The Recital is towards the end of May and will be announced in our January monthly announcements.

We proudly offer all forms of dance!


Our Objectives:

  • To develop strength, flexibility, and coordination.

  • To develop a vocabulary of movement.

  • To create body awareness, and knowledge of anatomical function.

  • To stimulate imagination and creativity.

  • To provide enjoyment in movement and group interaction.

  • To emphasize self-discipline, self control, motivation, and dedication.

  • To create an appreciation for an art form.

Dress Requirements

Boogie Babies, Preschool Dance, Dance I and Dance II classes:

  • Leotard ( any color)

  • Tights, Tutus, or Skirts

  • Slip on Pink leather ballet shoes *loose slippers are not considered ballet slippers.                

  • Black Tap shoes


Ages 8 & up:

  • Leotard (any color)

  • Tights (ballet) or fitted booty shorts/pants for jazz/tap; no baggy sports shorts or t-shirts

  • Pink split sole ballet shoes

  • Black Tap shoes

  • Tan or Black Jazz shoes Lyrical Sandals

Studio Rules

In order to provide a safe and positive learning atmosphere; please read and review with your child the following rules:


  • You must be respectful and attentive to the teacher.  

  • Disruptive behavior is not allowed during class. Any disruptive child will be asked to sit and observe class until the student can obey the classroom rules, then they may come back to the dance floor to dance.

  • Place all bags against the wall of the dance room.

  • No climbing on the tumbling mats, ballet bars, theatre scenery, hitting the mirrors, etc.

  • Dancers cannot leave the room during class time without permission. Always ask the teacher for permission to leave the room.

  • Parents are not allowed in the classroom unless approved by staff.  Please do not enter the dance room at the end of class time to get your child. The dancers will line up at the end of class and exit the room as a group.

  • When arriving for class at the studio, dancers need to wait in the lobby until the teacher opens the studio door and lets everyone know it’s time to come into the dance room.  All classes will start on time and end on time.  

  • Food and drink are not allowed in the classroom. Please throw away all food and drink items properly. Always use wastebaskets.

  • Go to the bathroom before class.

  • Follow the dress code for your class and make sure you have all shoes before class.

  • Hair must be worn out of your face in a bun, pony tail, or braids.

  • No running in the studio unless dictated by the teacher.

  • Absolutely no horseplay in the dressing room, lobby, or open studio space.

  • Any child intentionally defacing studio property will be ejected from Dance Etcetera, and if a student, will no longer be allowed to continue classes. This includes writing on the walls with tap shoes, carving wood, etc. This behavior will not be tolerated.


Mutual respect between our faculty and dancers’ parents provides the children with the ultimate care and dance education. Your support and commitment makes an enormous difference in your child’s success.  We will always encourage your child to be the best they can be!

Tuition Guide

Combination Dance Classes:  (ages 2-15)

45 minutes - 1 hour                              $40/month

1 ½ hours                                             $50/month


Technique Dance Classes:  (ages 10- Teen)

2 hours                                                  $65/month

2 ½ hours                                              $70/month

3 hours                                                  $75/month


Dance Etcetera’s students will have the opportunity for two performances throughout the year.


Holiday Open House:

Parents and family will come to classes and observe the students dancing.  Please just invite a few close family members. No costumes are required.  Students wear holiday clothing or dance wear. This will be the week before the schools get out for Christmas break.

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A discount of 10% is available to families with 3 or more children. Tuition is an annual fee.


For your convenience, tuition is calculated to be paid in monthly installments. However, you may choose to pay bi-monthly, by semester, or annually.


When paying monthly, tuition is due on the first class session unless previous arrangements have been made.

When paying by check, please include student's name on the check. If paying by cash, please write the student's name on the outside of the envelope.


Accounts must be paid in full for students to participate in class / functions. A student will be dropped if the account goes

30 days in arrears.